Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday 13th

We saw our new fish today and now we're having a competition of who names the best name for the fish.
In News'n'Views we learnt about a special suit that helps us not to get the swine flu.
This afternoon we had a guess about what it means to be an entrepreneur. We are excited about our topic because we are going to be making stuff and selling at our school market day.

By Olivia and Luke


  1. I was wondering who chooses what you find out about in News'N'Views?

    I hope your teacher doesn't do what a teacher at our school did with her fish - one day when she was cleaning the tank she forgot to put them back in - and she phoned me very late at night and I had to go down in the dark to rescue them.

    Jo Fothergill
    Room 10 Raumati Beach School (RBS!)

  2. Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. For news'n'views Miss McDonald finds an article for us to focus on each day. But soon we will be doing it three days a week and a child gets to choose the article for homework.

    We have remembere the facts, understand other people's points of view and say what we think.

    Don't worry, our teacher doesn't have a memory like a fish! (Most of the time!)

    M9 Class

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