Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is a pencil holder that we have made for our inquiry. We will be selling these at our market day and we want to know how much you would pay for our product?

Can you please leave a comment for us telling us if you would buy it and how much you would pay?

Luke and Ethan
M9 Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Green Rocket Heads

This is our new invention. We call it 'The Green Rocket Head'. We will be making this product for our school fair.
Place your Green Rocket Head in the sun. Water him every day and watch his hair GROW before your very eyes!!! You can give him styley haircuts and his hair will continue to grow!

We would like to ask you some questions:
Do you like them?
What do you like about them?
How much would you pay for one of these?

Please leave your comments below, and thank you for your time!

Hollie, Sarah and Brianna
M9 Entrepreneurs!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vote for your favourite fish names!

Its time to name our new fish. People who left their name suggestions as a comment on our blog will see their name suggestions on the poll below. Please choose the name you like and click submit. Please only vote once for each fish. If you vote more than once our data will not be valid.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back at school after Teacher Only day!

Today we had a lot of parent helpers in our class. We went back to our normal reading groups, but some of us are now in different groups. Ashley, Hollie, Sarah and Makenzie did two songs with actions that they made up. We also finished our mural for the A&P Show, it looks really fantastic. We read our news'n'views, we did maths and then handwriting in our new handwriting groups.

By Hollie and friends

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A hot day in M9!

This morning we did the 4th verse of our poem for handwriting. Instead of maths we did news'n'views about a fire. We went to S2 to see Mr Rigter from the Westpac Bank. He talked to use about setting up a business [for our entrepreneur inquiry -Ed.].

After lunch we made a mural about our town. It was of Mt Grey (Maukatere Maunga). Some people did painting and others did drawing.

By Sarah and Braydon

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What we did today

Today we did handwriting. We did the third verse of a poem about 'Me'. Then we did maths. We played a game called 100 or bust and then we did our Basic Facts Challenge. After morning tea we did silent reading and peer reading. We read a story called 'Treasure Island'. We had a practice fire alarm. When the bell went we thought it was fun, but we know that a real fire could be dangerous.

This afternoon we were going to interview Pip from Pip's Kitchen because our inquiry topic is 'What does it take to be an entrepreneur?', but she was sick. So we planned our mural for the A&P Show, then we sang some songs.

By Makenzie and Nathanael

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tuesday 13th

We saw our new fish today and now we're having a competition of who names the best name for the fish.
In News'n'Views we learnt about a special suit that helps us not to get the swine flu.
This afternoon we had a guess about what it means to be an entrepreneur. We are excited about our topic because we are going to be making stuff and selling at our school market day.

By Olivia and Luke

Sunday, October 11, 2009

News Flash: FISH!

You saw it here first folks, M9's famously awaited new arrivals! ...well, actually Cameryn saw them first as she was walking past as I left the pet shop! Time to name them, any suggestions?
(Please leave name suggestions via the comment box below. We will then complete an online poll to decide the final names!)

Welcome back to school!

Today we did News’n’Views on Aisling Symes. She has been missing for seven days now. We are learning about about things that happen in different parts of the world and are looking at different points of view.
We finished off our print making by putting them on black paper, we gave them borders, titles and pictures.
In the morning we started a poem for handwriting about growing up and learning to be ‘ME’.
After that we drew our holidays cubes with the best and worst things we did in the holidays, who we saw and what the weather was like. We will finish them off tomorrow.
We are excited about our inquiry topic this term about being an entrepreneur.

By M9

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What we learnt in Week 8

Welcome to M9's Daily Diary.

Friday 11th September
We are learning about poetic writing. My group was writing about castles. In our art we were learning to paint good pictures. We sang a song called, ‘Up Along The Coast’. Then we drew a picture of the water and we painted it. I am enjoying Miss McDonald giving us hard work and easy. I found it to my maths worksheet.
By Nathanael

I learnt about handwriting licenses. I can use pen, pencil and can use flicks. My next step is linking. I learnt how to paint like Van Gogh. In reading we made book covers about ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. In maths and art I learnt how to draw a tessellation. I think they are hard sometimes, but sometimes they are easy. I learned how to use a number to work out equations and I learnt two new songs, ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ and ‘Up Along The Coast’.
By Liam

I have learnt how to order decimals and turn remainders into fractions. I want to learn some more about turning remainders into fractions. In handwriting I learned how to use flicks nicely. Next I want to learn how to slope nicely. In reading we made story cubes and book covers for the story, ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’. In writing we learned how to do poetic writing.
By Makenzie

Art. Maths, Story: ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. Handwriting. Van Gogh art. Singing songs. Tessellations. Book covers. Pencil licenses. Board games. Reading chapter books.
By Nadia

I got my pencil license for handwriting. We learned to paint like Van Gogh.
By Cayla

We know how to paint better and we know how to do our times tables better. I know how to do my maths better, and I learned how to make tessellations.
By Braydon

I have learned lots of things this week like tessellations and art and how to make stuff and maths and decipipes. Books covers and how gears move and I enjoyed it. We learned how to line up properly and some songs.
By Cole

This week we learned: decimals, moody painting, tessellations, Kensuke’s Kingdom, book covers, board games, similes and personification. I would like to learn more about decimals. It is fun.
By Caleb

In M9 this week we started a new chapter book called Kensuke’s Kingdom. We learned to paint like Van Gogh. Today we did athletics and our basic facts challenge. We got our handwriting licenses.
By Will